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Indian Signing Hands
ISH focuses on collaborative support to bring Education and Accessibility to the Deaf community in India.
Avaz Inc. creates apps that empower, educate and engage people with speech difficulties. Avaz app is a picture and text-based communication and learning app. Free Speech app helps learn language and grammar skills using pictures, in an interactive way.
Youth Association
of the Deaf, India
YADI focuses on empowering the Deaf Youth to become future leaders of India.
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Sign Talk
SignTalk builds tech-based solutions to bring the Deaf and Hearing communities closer. The flagship product, NovaSign, is an online gamified solution designed to help people learn sign language and have fun at the same time!
Signex provides professional consultancy in Deaf Education, ISL teaching and interpreting, training to teachers (Deaf and hearing) and interpreters (Deaf and hearing).
Bleetech has several offerings in the deaf education space in the form of programs as well as products and services.
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Access Mantra Foundation
Access Mantra Foundation strives to create solutions for the Deaf community in India for them to live barrier-free lives.
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Yunikee creates content in Indian Sign Language. Sign Medium initiative of Yunikee is a cohort modeled, democratized learning marketplace in sign language. 

HWSPSHI provides education, vocational training, counseling, guidance, and remedial services to deaf children and facilitates their all-round development and self-reliance. Imparting education to deaf children is the main focus/activity of the Society.
Orjet Foundation
Orjet Foundation provides the correct method of quality education for Deaf children in India to enhance their academic achievements and create better career opportunities.
Happy Hands School for the Deaf

Happy Hands is a special education initiative of Rural Lifeline Trust (Regd.) Established in 2016 HHSD is a unique place to get bi-lingual education through sign language  for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Mook Badhir Manda (MBM)
Mook Badhir Mandal has created a platform for fostering excellence in all spheres of life of a Deaf individual. It is built on four pillars - boosting education in Indian Sign Language (ISL), promoting sports, and inculcating a cultural and social spirit.
Sign Vision
At Sign Vision, we are committed to empowering the Deaf community, Through our E Learning Platform and Deaf Matrimonial, we strive to create a more inclusive society where Deaf individuals have equal opportunities, access to good courses, and the ability to form lasting connections.
DeafWomenToo (DWT)

Deaf Women Too is a platform to empower women, raise awareness about gender equality, build a community, and create a safe space for all.

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